Membership Services Committee

Committee Members (2015-17)

Glen Scott, Vice-President, Chair
Gopal Ayre, Local 003
Juanita Cozicar, Local 056
Ramza Gebran, Local 095
Justin Huseby, Local 052
Diane Johnston, Local 048
Trevor Mallyon, Local 045
Karen Mann, Local 002
Paul McKinney, Local 003

Gil Laflamme, Staff Advisor

Committee News

AUPE’s 40th Annual Convention in 2016 – If you and/or family and friends have any items you would like to donate or loan for use at the 2016 Convention, please contact or Ideas are always welcome.

You can find AUPE membership discounts on the AUPE app! It’s an easy way to discover all the discounts from various merchants. Download the app from the iPhone App Store or Google Play today!

There is new clothing coming to the PUB Store. Check out some of the new items next time you are at Headquarters. If you can’t make it to the PUB store, you can order online at