Duties of the Human Rights Committee

AUPE’s Constitution sets out the duties of the Human Rights Committee as follows:

The Human Rights Committee shall:

  1. educate and promote awareness to the members and the public on equality, discrimination, current and related issues, especially as they relate to human rights issues;
  2. encourage and support involvement of members affected by human rights issues in Union activities, events and educational activities;
  3. promote involvement and support by AUPE members-at-large and communities affected by human rights issues;
  4. initiate action and participate in meetings, conferences, conventions and educational events on issues of concern related to human rights issues and coordinate these activities with other committees and organizations;
  5. lobby all levels of government and respectively human rights committees/commissions regarding human rights issues of concern to members;
  6. coordinate with all other public service unions and federations;
  7. review human rights legislation and regulations and promote and lobby for positive change;
  8. draft policies, briefs and other presentations on issues of human rights concern;
  9. report regularly to Provincial Executive and Convention; and
  10. establish a resource base on human rights issues to identify, analyze and exchange information with other groups.