Duties of the Finance Committee

AUPE’s Constitution sets out the duties of the Finance Committee as follows:

The Finance Committee shall:

  1. make recommendations for the proper administration of the finances of the Union;
  2. ensure that a proper and complete record of the financial affairs of the Union is accurately maintained at all times;
  3. ensure that expenditures are lawfully made;
  4. recommend to the Provincial Executive the transfer of budget allocations;
  5. make recommendations to the Provincial Executive with respect to the funding of components;
  6. ensure monthly financial statements are provided at each Provincial Executive meeting;
  7. accept applications for grants in aid and recommend approval or denial of such applications to the Provincial Executive;
  8. make recommendations to the Provincial Executive and to the Executive Secretary-Treasurer in respect of methods of financing and investment of the Union’s funds;
  9. review budgets of components, and where required by this Constitution, approve, amend, or reject those budgets, and where appropriate, make recommendations to a component concerning its budget;
  10. review the proposed annual budget of the Union as presented by the Executive Secretary-Treasurer and may amend or modify that budget;
  11. present, through its Chair, a proposed annual budget for the Union to the Provincial Executive;
  12. present the proposed annual budget for the Union, as approved by the Provincial Executive, to Convention; and
  13. review major expenditures which are not provided for in the annual budget approved by Convention, or do not pertain to current negotiations.