Available Materials

1: Gov't Postcard

2: Healthcare Postcard

3: Education Postcard

4: BALG Postcard

5: General Postcard

6: Facts Postcard

7: General Brochure

8: Custom Brochure

9: Information Brochure

10: Investigating Rumours Brochure

11: Strategic Thinking Brochure

12: Recruiting Volunteers Brochure

13: PERM Brochure

14: Community Campaigns Toolkit

These print materials are available to AUPE locals to engage their members in the face of privatization concerns. AUPE is able to print up to 1000 copies of these materials for your local with a 50/50 cost sharing between headquarters and the local. Requests for printing must be received from the chair or treasurer/secretary-treasurer of the local to proceed.

Brochures 1 through 7 and 9 through 13 are available for download in a printable format for those locals who wish to print them themselves, or may be ordered through AUPE headquarters using the form below.

Brochure 8 is customizable for your local and can only be printed through AUPE headquarters.

You can order brochures through AUPE by completing the form below. You must fill out a new form for each brochure ordered.

If you are ordering a customized version of brochure 8, please provide as much information as possible about the changes you would like in the Additional Information box, and someone from the union’s Communications section will follow up with you.