Each member of the Anti-Privatization Committee has been assigned several locals to liaison with. Local anti-privatization sub-committees should contact this person should any privatization movement begin at their worksites. The list below is sorted by local.

Local Description AP Contact
001 Admin Support Bill Erickson
002 Admin and Program Services Nancy Woods
003 Correctional and Regulatory Services Bill Erickson
004 Trades and Related Services Bill Erickson
005 Natural Resources Conservation Services Brian Cook
006 Social Services Nancy Woods
009 Health Therapy & Instit. Patient Sup. Serv. Bruce Macdonald
012 Technical, General and Field Services Brian Cook
020 Alberta Treasury Branches Bill Erickson
038 NAIT Stephen Caughie
039 SAIT Stephen Caughie
040 Covenant Health Thelma Ogden
041 Aux. Nursing Nancy Burton
042 Good Sam Bruce Macdonald
043 ANC – North Thelma Ogden
044 ANC – South Thelma Ogden
045 ANC – Calgary Nancy Burton
046 ANC – Capital Region Bruce Macdonald
047 Continuing Care / Separate ER’s North Nancy Burton
048 Continuing Care / Separate ER’s South Nancy Burton
049 Continuing Care Capital Region Bruce Macdonald
050 Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission Stephen Caughie
052 U of C JP Arsenault
053 U of L Brian Cook
054 GSS Capital Region Nancy Woods
056 GSS Rural North Thelma Ogden
057 GSS Rural Central Nancy Woods
058 GSS South Brian Cook
060 Alberta Innovates Technology Futures JP Arsenault
069 Athabasca University JP Arsenault
071 Community Colleges and School Boards Stephen Caughie
095 GSS Calgary Region Karen Weiers
118 Boards and Agencies JP Arsenault