AUPE maintains a Members Education Assistance Fund, which is the responsibility of the Education Sub-Committee of the Members’ Benefits Committee.

Eligibility for Type 1 and Type 2

Members of AUPE with two consecutive years service as of July 16 of current year are eligible, and/or their spouse, and/or their financial dependents, and/or dependents of retired or deceased members. Eligible dependents must be under the age of 25 years. Consideration will be made for a past member who enrolls full-time in an educational institution within the first year of job elimination.

Deadline for Application: July 16. The completed original application will only be accepted from May 10 to July 16 each year for studies commencing after the submission deadline. Please mail the original application and attachments to the AUPE head office.

Type 1 – Bursary (based on financial need)

Funds are granted through the Members’ Benefits Education Sub-Committee. The sub-committee determines the amount of bursary money that will be awarded each year based on the interest generated by the capital in the fund. AUPE Local donations will be distributed as per the Type 1 Bursary guidelines above.

Eligibility: Based on financial need, available for post secondary education.

How to Apply: Application forms for 2018 will be available May 10, 2018.

Type 2 – $2,500 Brent Gawne Memorial Scholarship (2)

This scholarship was set up at the 2004 Annual AUPE Convention to raise awareness of privatization of public services. The essay topic will be chosen annually by the AUPE Executive Committee.

Eligibility: Available for a post secondary student enrolled in full-time studies within the Province of Alberta.

How to Apply: Submit a minimum 2,000 word essay on the topic chosen by the Executive Committee. The essay must be in formal essay format (i.e. title page, footnotes, double-spaced, etc.). Attach a computer printout reflecting the essay word count. The essay must be on a separate paper attached to the completed Education Assistance Program application form, which will be made available May 10, 2018. Essays will be judged by independent adjudicator(s). Please attach confirmation identifying full-time study, including class schedule.

Read the 2017 Brent Gawne Memorial Scholarship winning essays on defined benefit and defined contribution pension plans here:

Institution-based Bursaries

AUPE and Alberta Advanced Education established endowment funds jointly in 1986/87. The funds are administered by the educational institutions on behalf of AUPE. Application forms are available at the educational institutions. Request the AUPE Bursary Application form. Completed applications must be returned to the institution, and deadlines vary by institution. Please confirm the deadline date when requesting an application.

Eligible Institutions