Support workers keep Alberta schools running

So why are Boards holding them back?

Our students’ classrooms, libraries, school officers and boiler rooms require support staff: They’re the foundation of our schools.

Some work extra, unpaid hours to support students, keep the building running and make learning accessible.

Every day they do their work, sometimes going unnoticed but always supporting the quality education Alberta students deserve.

The Catholic school support staff in Hinton want change. They are calling on Albertans to help put pressure on their employer, the Evergreen Catholic Schools Board of Trustees and superintendent, to negotiate a fair contract that ensures our schools are well-resourced and fully support students and their diverse learning needs.

Want to help? Send a letter to the Evergreen Catholic School board and superintendent by clicking here!

The Board

The Board

The Evergreen Catholic Schools Board has an accumulated operating surplus of more than $7 million. More than that, in 2016 the Board Superintendent’s annual salary and benefits was $214,458 and jumped to $238,634 in 2017 – an increase of 11% in one year!

Support staff with Evergreen Catholic Schools in Hinton began bargaining for a new collective agreement nearly two years ago and are no closer to an agreement today than when they started. The Board has repeatedly stifled the bargaining process and is the reason why the support staff are now attempting to secure an agreement through mediation.

If you want to send the Board a clear message that they need to make student support and quality learning environments a priority, please sign this letter.

The Support Staff

The Support Staff

The Evergreen Catholic Schools support staff in Hinton want to be able to support themselves so they can support their town’s students.

They want guaranteed hours of work, and a wage that allows them to make ends meet.

They want a contract that reflects their worth and the school system's worth.

If you want a school system where workers are valued appropriately and treated with the respect they deserve, and where students are properly supported, please sign this letter addressed to the Evergreen Catholic Schools Board members.


Whether you send your children to a Catholic school, do support work, or live in one of these communities: This is everyone’s issue.

Your public tax dollars fund Evergreen Catholic Schools, paying for their operations as well as the Board and employees’ salaries.

Together we can uplift the people who support our education system.

Please sign and send the letter below.