This conference is presented by AUPE's Human Rights, Young Activists, and Women's Committees.

Where: Grey Eagle Resort, 3777 Grey Eagle Drive, Calgary, AB
When: June 24-27, 2018
Register by: May 1, 2018
Register at: AUPE's online registration system

Speaker Handouts


Workshop TitleWorkshop Description
Self CompassionWhat if you could appreciate yourself the same way you appreciate your closest friends? What if instead of berating yourself for all the things you "should" be doing, you were able to appreciate everything you already do? This 1-hr workshop on self compassion will help you start learning to turn toward yourself with kindness instead of judgment. We will be using group discussion and three experiential exercises to help us explore this topic.
Indigenous Awareness TrainingIn this session, we will learn what Canada and the First Peoples looked like pre-contact, the historical implications of colonization, Indian reserves, treaties, and residential schools, and the proper protocol when working with Indigenous communities.
Painless Public SpeakingPublic speaking ranks as one of the highest anxiety-producing experiences that most people will face, but it is also one of the keys to success for many people in business and in life. In this workshop you will learn: how the connection between body, breath and mind is vital for your speaking success; body language gives you confidence as a leader in your field; how anxiety creates a physiological reaction in our bodies; how it affects our ability to communicate; and exercises and techniques that help you gain confidence.
Unconscious BiasUnconscious bias happens as our brains make quick judgments and assessments of people and situations without us realizing. Our biases are influenced by our background, cultural environment and personal experiences. This session aims to increase participants awareness of how unconscious bias impacts on behaviours, attitudes, relationships and decisions.
It's Your Life – Youth and FinanceHave you given any thought to retirement? Have you anticipated what financial hurdles you may face as you work your way through your life? This session examines financial curve balls we may face throughout our life in an interactive and fun way. This workshop also offers insight into how AUPE work as part of a larger whole to promote and stand up for the rights of its members.
Theatre for ActionTheatre has a long history of being used as a tool for political change, community development, and critical education. This session will provide an overview of theatre “for action” with a focus on the ability of theatre to create connections and build community – increasing the capacity of individuals and groups to mobilize and make change. This workshop will help you better understand the links between art and activism with an opportunity to reflect on how you might create connections using theatre.
Working Together for Sexual and Gender Diversity InclusionThis session will give participants an opportunity to discuss the social construction of gender examining the differences between gender and sex, identity and expression. By challenging myths and stereotypes we will consider what each one of us can do to create safer and inclusive spaces for all, whether colleagues, clients or customers.
Headlines, Hashtags and Hate Mail: Using Social Media to advocate for Women, Young Workers and Human RightsThe power for creating connections online and the ability to mobilize like-minded people for a common cause has huge potential online. However, social media advocacy work also comes with unique challenges, threats and pitfalls. This workshop will look at how social media platforms can be used to build coalition and drive policy change in the intersecting issue areas of women, young workers and human rights as well as how to manage and minimize all of the messy - and at times unsafe and scary - stuff that comes along with social media activism.