Camp Rules and Responsibilities

In order to ensure Camp AUPE remains a safe and positive experience for everyone, campers are required to fulfill responsibilities and refrain from restricted activities.

The guidelines provide you direction and are grouped into three broad categories of responsibility:

  • Respect the law: You should be aware and respect the laws of Canada, as well as the rules of Goldeye Conference Centre.
  • Health, Safety, Security and Well-Being: You should seek to preserve and promote the health, safety, security and well-being of yourself and others.
  • Positive and responsible participation: You should contribute to a positive and inclusive camp experience for everyone, in a manner that will allow others to participate fully.

In addition to these broad guidelines, several clear restrictions have been established for the duration of the camp. You must not:

  • Leave the camp boundaries or premises (unless accompanied by a supervising adult and with authorization of the camp director).
  • Smoke or consume any recreational drugs, including alcohol.
  • Hitchhike.
  • Drive a motor vehicle of any kind.
  • Engage in an exclusive or romantic relationship.

Violation of any of these three guidelines and five restrictions may lead to the individual’s removal from camp, at their own expense.

Electronics Policy

Camp AUPE lasts only a few days, and encourages campers during this short time to develop their leadership potential, make new friends, and connect with nature and the outdoors. Your days will be full of exciting programming, including workshops, field trips, outdoor activities, and cooperative games.

AUPE strongly recommends that campers leave cell phones and other personal electronic devices at home, for several reasons:

  • There is poor cell phone reception and internet connectivity at Goldeye camp.
  • Devices could be lost, stolen or damaged. There are no lockers available to store devices. Neither AUPE nor Goldeye assume any liability for loss or damage to personal belongings.
  • Communicating frequently with loved ones back home may actually worsen feelings of homesickness. 
  • Not all of the campers have devices, so using one excludes those youth who do not bring one.

Most importantly, using smart phones and other electronic devices distracts you from connecting with others and the outdoors, and interferes with opportunities to participate actively in life at camp.

Campers who decide to bring a device in spite of our recommendation that they be left at home are required to follow a cell phone use policy:

Smart phones and other electronic devices may only be used in your room during the half hour of quiet time scheduled immediately after lunch and immediately preceding bedtime.

In the unlikely event of an emergency at Camp, staff will contact your emergency contact. In the event of an emergency outside of Camp, please contact the Camp Coordinator through Goldeye at 403-721-2102.