Benefits of membership

Over 87,000 AUPE members across Alberta have chosen AUPE to have a voice at work and to access a wide range of benefits and services.

The bottom line is that unions work for working people. Union members enjoy more secure jobs, earn more money, have more and better benefits, and get more generous vacations than non-union employees. For women, the benefits of unionization are even clearer, with unionized women in Alberta making approximately 34 per cent more than non-union women on average.

Unionized workers are protected by their collective agreement. Together with our large and active membership, AUPE has negotiated some of the best contracts in the province and successfully fought for the wages, benefits and job security that working Albertans deserve.

Without a union, each employee deals with his or her employer as an individual, without the strength in numbers or the protections of a contract. For example, non-unionized workers can be let go at any time, no matter how long they have been working or how good their performance has been.

AUPE will be there for you if you have a problem at work, but it doesn’t end there. AUPE is a democratic organization run by members, for members. The more involved you are in your union, the more benefit you will get from your membership. In some cases, AUPE will even arrange for you to take paid time off work to participate in union meetings and programs.

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