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A headshot of Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE) Executive Secretary-Treasurer Jason Heistad.

Jason Heistad


Executive Secretary-Treasurer

Jason Heistad was elected to his fourth term as AUPE’s Executive Secretary-Treasurer in 2019. He previously served eight years as a Vice-President, and for the last twenty years has been an AUPE activist fighting for the social wellbeing of his community.

Heistad cannot remember a time when unionism wasn’t a part of his life; his grandpa was an active labour leader whose mentorship still guides his involvement in labour activism today. One particularly memorable AUPE moment was Heistad’s involvement in the movement to keep the Michener Centre for people with developmental disabilities open. It’s those tangible wins that Heistad aims for as much as long-term strategic planning.

Heistad devotes himself to big-picture visions and is currently influencing government to adopt more labour friendly principles, so union values can take hold on a larger scale. Nevertheless, Heistad believes that even top-down changes start with bottom-up ones, and he remains committed to member education and grassroots stewardship.

Heistad lives in Innisfail with his wife and kids.