Pension Updates
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Pension Updates

Send a Letter – Defend Your Pension

Defend your pension. Send a letter to tell the PC Government and your MLA to stop the attack on the LAPP and PSPP.

The pension issue, in a nutshell

Click here to download a PDF version of the article "Undefined benefits," which will appear in the spring issue of AUPE's Direct Impact magazine. The article explains in clear language what the Conservative plan will do to your retirement. Feel free to distribute the article to others.

It can be difficult to understand what the PC government's planned pension changes mean for you, especially if retirement is still decades away. The truth is, the younger you are now, the more the cuts will hurt you in retirement. Click here to download examples of how much the PC government plan will cost employees of the GOA.

News for Pension Updates

Open letter to all MLAs about Bill 9

Posted April 17, 2014

The following open letter has been signed by the presidents of all public sector unions affected by the proposed pension legislation, Bill 9, the Public Sector Pension Plan Act. You can download a copy of the letter here.

As a Member of Alberta’s Legislative Assembly, you are about to embark upon a debate that has huge implications for the life-savings and retirement security of 300,000 Albertans. Because most of these people have spouses and dependents, your decisions will actually affect at least 600,000 Albertans.

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PC Government legislating away public servants' retirement security

Posted April 16, 2014

Finance Minister Doug Horner’s pension legislation was introduced today, enabling the government to gut public sector pension plans and insulate themselves from lawsuits if members’ retirement benefits are reduced.

“This is an attack on retirement savings plans that employees have been contributing to for their entire career. It means they will have to work longer and receive a reduced benefit when they retire,” said AUPE President Guy Smith.

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Across Alberta, AUPE members rallying to defend their pensions today

Posted March 20, 2014

Frontline public sector employees are rallying at noon today at multiple locations throughout Alberta to defend their modest pensions against imposed cuts to their retirement savings unilaterally introduced by the Progressive Conservatives.

AUPE President Guy Smith will join the rally at the Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary.

“We can stop the Progressive Conservatives from this attack on our retirement security, but only if we stand together and speak with one voice,” said Smith.

“With the pending changes in their leadership my hope is that the Progressive Conservatives will take the opportunity to rethink their damaging approach to pensions. If not, I believe there will be serious consequences for them in 2016.”

Workers are rallying throughout the province at approximately 40 locations in Edmonton, Calgary, Hinton, St. Albert, Ft. Saskatchewan, Red Deer, Ponoka, Fort McMurray, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Grande Prairie, Peace River, Ft. Saskatchewan, Lamont, and Camrose.

A full list of rally sites can be found by clicking here.

AUPE members will stand side-by-side with their colleagues in UNA, HSAA, CUPE, NASA and other labour unions across the province at these rallies.

Smith said the imposed pension cuts will make it more difficult for hospitals, schools, universities and other public-sector employers to find and keep skilled and dedicated frontline employees – something sure to have an impact on the quality of public services in Alberta.

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March 20 Day of Action on Pensions - Location updates

Posted March 19, 2014

On March 20, nearly 40 rallies will be held province-wide to defend the LAPP and PSPP from harsh cuts planned by the Redford government. We need to stand up and demand that the government keeps its pension promises.

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Overview of pension changes announced Feb. 24

Posted March 04, 2014

On February 24th, the Redford government announced changes to its pension reform package. Although the government and some media reports have characterized the revised government position as a reversal of previous cuts, a careful look at the fine print makes it clear that the government’s position hasn’t changed very much.

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