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Heroes are Human Tour comes to Edmonton

Posted June 20, 2014 in Union Updates, Occupational Health & Safety Committee

Former RCMP officer Rodney Koscielny, who struggled with PTSD following the Mayerthorpe tragedy, speaks to an audience of emergency responders and others affected by crisis situations in the course of their work. The event was part of the Tema Heroes are Human tour, a peer-to-peer awareness-raising campaign aimed at preventing PTSD and other occupational stress injuries. AUPE co-sponsored the Alberta leg of the tour.

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Heroes Tour Alberta leg wraps up next week

Posted June 11, 2014 in Union Updates

The AUPE-sponsored Alberta leg of the Heroes are Human cross-country tour in support of those with occupational post-traumatic stress disorder wraps up next week in Edmonton. Members are encouraged to attend the remaining sessions.

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