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Heroes are Human Tour comes to Edmonton

Former RCMP officer Rodney Koscielny, who struggled with PTSD following the Mayerthorpe tragedy, speaks to an audience of emergency responders and others affected by crisis situations in the course of their work. The event was part of the Tema Heroes are Human tour, a peer-to-peer awareness-raising campaign aimed at preventing PTSD and other occupational stress injuries. AUPE co-sponsored the Alberta leg of the tour.

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Heroes Tour Alberta leg wraps up next week

The AUPE-sponsored Alberta leg of the Heroes are Human cross-country tour in support of those with occupational post-traumatic stress disorder wraps up next week in Edmonton. Members are encouraged to attend the remaining sessions.

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AUPE proud to sponsor cross-Canada PTSD discussion tour

People across the country are talking more and more about occupational post-traumatic stress disorder, but it is still an issue shrouded in shame and misunderstanding. AUPE, which represents many people who work in positions that put them at risk of occupational PTSD, wants to change that. This June, AUPE is sponsoring the Alberta leg of the Tema Conter Memorial Trust’s ‘Heroes are Human’ tour.

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Let's get Bill 1 right for PTSD sufferers: AUPE

EDMONTON – This afternoon the Alberta legislature is expected to debate amendments to Bill 1 that would ensure Social Workers, Correctional Peace Officers and other emergency health employees with post-traumatic stress disorder have their illness presumptively covered by the Workers’ Compensation Board.

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AUPE seeks bill 1 amendments for First responders left out

EDMONTON – The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees is seeking changes to Bill 1, the Workers’ Compensation Amendment Act, 2012 to include presumptive Worker Compensation Board coverage to more employees who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

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WCB changes a good first step, but more workers need access to help for PTSD, says AUPE President

The president of Alberta’s largest union welcomed the Redford government’s plan to help first responders affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), but warned it’s only a first step.

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