Your working people.


Committee Members (2013-15)

Jason Heistad, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Chair
Bree-Ann Barr, Local 046
Fred Demers, Local 050
Tara Doyle, Local 052
Cindy Fraser, Local 001
Mark Hercina, Local 003
Percy Ogden, Local 056

Larry Murray, Staff Advisor

Pension Board members representing AUPE:
Larry Murray, AUPE Staff, PSPP Board Member
Mike Dempsey, PSPP Board Member
Andy McDonald, PSPP Board Member
Terry Agoto, AUPE Staff, LAPP Board Member

Duties of the Pension Committee

AUPE’s Constitution sets out the duties of the Pension Committee as follows:

The Pension Committee shall:

  1. promote the education of the members and public as it relates to pension issues;
  2. lobby all levels of government and the respective Pension Boards regarding pension issues of concern to members;
  3. coordinate with all other public service unions and federations;
  4. report regularly to Provincial Executive;
  5. liaise with and monitor the activities of the Public Service Pension Board, Local Authorities Pension Board and private pension boards (in accordance with the various pension plans negotiated by components of the Union);
  6. review pension legislation and regulations and spearhead any lobby for positive change;
  7. draft policies, briefs and other presentations on issues of concern;
  8. initiate action and participate in meetings, conferences, conventions and education courses on issues of concern related to pensions and coordinate these with other committees and organizations;
  9. establish a resource base on issues of pensions to identify, examine, analyze and exchange information with other groups;
  10. include, in addition to the members appointed by the Executive Committee, the three AUPE members appointed to the Public Service Pension Board (PSPB) and any AUPE members appointed to the Local Authorities Pension Board (LAPB) as ex-officio (nonvoting) members.