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Occupational Health & Safety

2013-15 OH&S Committee

Committee Members (2013-15)

Erez Raz, Vice-President, Chair
Eugene Bradley, Local 002
Joe Burrows, Local 003
Meredith Debnam, Local 095
Judy Fader, Local 043
Susie Gardiner, Local 056
Janice Skeldon, Local 057
Jim Wilson, Local 060
Terri Wispinski, Local 012

Dennis Malayko, Staff Advisor

Day of Mourning Seminar

On April 28, 2014, AUPE’s Occupational Health and Safety committee will be hosting the International Day of Mourning Seminar. Major occupational health and safety issues such as, but not limited to, workplace violence, posttraumatic stress disorder, working alone, occupational disease due to workplace exposures, are becoming prevalent amongst our membership and require leadership initiatives/strategies to eliminate or control these issues.

Click here to download the application form. Applications must be received at Headquarters by Mar. 21.

Westray Bill Petition

Stop The Killing

Ten years ago, AUPE played a large part in lobbying for the Westray Bill. It is shocking that no employer has been charged criminally under Bill C45, despite the fact that over 9,000 workers have been killed on the job in Canada. In fact, Alberta has the distinction of having the highest per-capita workplace fatality rate in Canada.

Lack of enforcement federally typically translates to lack of enforcement provincially. The Federal government is in the process of dismantling the Federal OH&S Act and Regulations, and we can expect a similar response in Alberta. We must tell all levels of government that we take occupational health and safety seriously, and will hold them accountable for their inaction. Sign the petition, and lobby your MPs to ensure enforcement of this piece of legislation.

Duties of the Occupational Health & Safety Committee

AUPE’s Constitution sets out the duties of the Occupational Heath & Safety Committee as follows:

The Occupational Health & Safety Committee shall:

  1. review the practices and procedures relating to the Occupational Health and Safety of the members of the Union;
  2. promote the Occupational Health and Safety education of the union members;
  3. ensure that the membership is informed of all relevant information on Occupational Health and Safety;
  4. promote any policy on Occupational Health and Safety as adopted by Convention;
  5. review and spearhead occupational health and safety legislation and regulations and lobby for positive change;
  6. draft policies, briefs and other presentations on issues of concern;
  7. initiate action and participate in meetings, conferences, conventions and education courses on issues of concern relating to Occupational Health and Safety and co-ordinate these with other committees and organizations; and
  8. regularly communicate with each Local’s elected Occupational Health and Safety liaison.

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