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Human Rights

2013-15 Human Rights Committee

Committee Members (2013-15)

Carrie-Lynn Rusznak, Vice-President, Chair
Debbie Caplette, Local 042
Richard Lenaire, Local 002
Dale Pearce, Local 071
Shirley Perreault, Local 001
Ray Tweedle, Local 057
Sharry Watson, Local 002
Julia Watson, Local 001

Jeff Manuntag, Staff Advisor

Duties of the Human Rights Committee

AUPE’s Constitution sets out the duties of the Human Rights Committee as follows:

The Human Rights Committee shall:

  1. educate and promote awareness to the members and the public on equality, discrimination, current and related issues, especially as they relate to human rights issues;
  2. encourage and support involvement of members affected by human rights issues in Union activities, events and educational activities;
  3. promote involvement and support by AUPE members-at-large and communities affected by human rights issues;
  4. initiate action and participate in meetings, conferences, conventions and educational events on issues of concern related to human rights issues and coordinate these activities with other committees and organizations;
  5. lobby all levels of government and respectively human rights committees/commissions regarding human rights issues of concern to members;
  6. coordinate with all other public service unions and federations;
  7. review human rights legislation and regulations and promote and lobby for positive change;
  8. draft policies, briefs and other presentations on issues of human rights concern;
  9. report regularly to Provincial Executive and Convention; and
  10. establish a resource base on human rights issues to identify, analyze and exchange information with other groups.

Ambassador Program

Following a resolution passed at Convention, the Human Rights Committee has implemented the Ambassador Program. The Program is designed to inform communities about the important contributions that AUPE makes.

The Human Rights Committee is building a list of interested members who are interested in becoming AUPE Ambassadors and will select volunteer ambassadors for identified events as needed.

If you have a strong knowledge of how AUPE and your fellow union members support Albertans in their communities and their workplaces, please discuss this opportunity with your chapter and complete the application form.

Chapters are also invited to provide a list of local events (trade shows, career fairs, etc) and/or willing members who wish to participate in the ambassador program to Vice President Carrie-Lynn Rusznak at


  • If you are attending Convention and have special requirements for diet or access, please fill out this form by Oct. 3, 2014!
  • Alberta Human Rights Commission – Find out more about human rights in Alberta. Remember, in many cases you can file a grievance under your collective agreement rather than file a complaint with the commission; check with AUPE first! Call 1-800-232-7284.

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