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2013 COPA Committee

Committee Members (2013-15)

Mike Dempsey, Vice-President, Chair
John Lomas, Local 002
Leslie Marquardt, Local 071
Danielle Nadeau McMillan, Local 039
Kendra Ness, Local 095
Heather Sweet, Local 006
Heather Stocking, Local 056
Kayleigh Thatcher, Local 044
Henry Wakoluk, Local 095

Andrew Hanon, Staff Advisor


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Please help our petition drive!

Workers in Alberta are covered by an uneven patchwork of labour laws, most notably the Labour Relations Code (LRC) and the Public Service Employee Relations Act (PSERA). Because of this, some Albertans are denied basic rights that others enjoy. For example, under the LRC many health care workers, including maintenance staff, clerical staff, laundry workers and others, do not have the legal right to strike. Workers under PSERA, which applies to direct employees of the provincial government and other government agencies, have even fewer rights. They too are denied the right to strike, but at the same time the arbitration process to resolve collective bargaining disputes is deeply flawed. The arbitrator is forbidden to rule on such important issues as pensions or job classifications.

This is why COPA is circulating a petition for a full public review of Alberta’s labour laws. It calls on the government to conduct a full, open and public review of all labour legislation with a view to ensuring equity, justice and the right to full collective bargaining.

You’re invited to help. Please download a copy of the petition and collect signatures, then send the completed form to:

COPA c/o Alberta Union of Provincial Employees
10451 – 170 Street NW
Edmonton AB T5P 4S7

Deadline is Jan. 31, 2013 has been extended!

For more information, contact Andrew Hanon, AUPE communications, at (780) 930-5218 or

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