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Political Action

2013 COPA Committee

Committee Members (2013-15)

Mike Dempsey, Vice-President, Chair
John Lomas, Local 002
Leslie Marquardt, Local 071
Danielle Nadeau McMillan, Local 039
Kendra Ness, Local 095
Heather Stocking, Local 056
Henry Wakoluk, Local 095
Bill West, Local 003

Andrew Hanon, Staff Advisor

COPA supports political involvement

The Committee on Political Action oversees several programs for getting AUPE members more active and engaged in the political process. We support members willing to run for office on a labour-friendly platform and we encourage members to volunteer.

Here is a list of the programs, and how you can get involved:

If you’re a candidate:

  1. Candidate training: AUPE provides training to help candidates prepare for the rigours of campaigning. The course will be March 7-8 at AUPE headquarters in Edmonton. Expenses will be covered. To fill out an application for support, click here.
  2. Financial support: COPA will donate to AUPE members in good standing who are nominated candidates running a labour-friendly campaign. Donations are subject to approval by COPA. To fill out an application for support, click here.

If you want to volunteer on a labour-friendly candidate’s election campaign (this program is not open to candidates themselves):

  1. Time off to volunteer: AUPE will support time off from work. Applications are subject to approval by COPA and follow all procedures for the regular “time off for union business” process. Successful applicants will have access to pre-campaign training. While not compulsory, the training is highly recommended. To fill out an application, click here. NOTE: This program is fully subscribed. Thank you for your interest!

Frank Discussions

The COPA Frank Discussions hot dog cart is open for business! To book the cart for your next event, click Frank Discussions to the left!